• The first Luxembourgish CTF Team

About Us


The first luxembourgish CTF Team

Cybersecurity is very important in the modern Internet age. As the industry grows, more and more people are needed in the field. Although cybersecurity is taught at some universities, the studies often lack practical exercises. One way to proof ones practical skills is by participating in Capture The Flag competitions. These are online or on-site competitions around the globe in which teams compete by solving cybersecurity challenges.

The LetzPwn Team is currently the only Luxembourgish team, that is regularly participating in CTFs. Other european countries have cultivated a clutch of CTF teams (Germany: 92 teams, France: 123 teams, ...). Luxembourg is one step behind various other European countries with respect to cybersecurity culture and awareness. We find it important to pioneer a Luxembourgish community, with the motivation to spread awareness and to enhance our theoretical and practical cybersecurity skills.

The core group consists of 10 members, most of them are still studying, with the exception of a couple of the members who are already working. This group was brought together by SMILE, to represent Luxembourg in the European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC) 2019 in Bucharest. Since our exciting journey, we want to reach more enthisiastic people and grow our team.

Our goals

Spread awareness about CTF’s and recruit new members

The CTF community is still very small in Luxembourg. It is important to continuously spread awareness and recruit new members to stand a chance in global competitions and represent Luxembourg in the best possible way. We will try our best to find ways to contact and integrate new members: on social media, asking friends, at events, ...

Help and Train members in Cybersecurity & CTF challenges

On the discord channel, members will find resources and guides from other members on how to get started. They’ll be able to ask questions to the other members if they’re stuck or need some guidance on how to proceed. The aim is to participate in online CTFs as much as possible (currently doing about 2 to 3 per month on weekends) so that the newbies can try to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired in a safe and judgement-free environment, with the bonus of moving the team forward if they manage to solve something. During online CTFs the team is collaborating in the discord server.
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Participate in CTFs

One of the main purposes of the community is to participate in CTFs. Our end goal is to strengthen the team's pratical hacking skills and the being able to represent Luxembourg as a real competitor in relevant CTF events.

Meetups and Workshops

Additionally to online CTF events, we’d like to organize meetups throughout the year to compete in CTFs while working together in a physical space. Furthermore, depending on which resources we have at our disposition, we’d love to organize workshops with experts to further develop our knowledge.

European Cyber Security Challenge (ECSC)

The ECSC is a CTF, where European courtries are competing against each other. Thus every participating country puts together a team of maximum 10 members (5 juniors, 5 seniors). 2019 was the first participating year for Luxembourg. In 2020, we want to assemble another team. If you are between 15 and 25 years old and are a Luxembourgish resident, this might be of interest for you. The first step to participate in the ECSC is to contact us as soon as possible, and we will happily provide you with further details. Usually, the ECSC takes place in autumn, however the qualification often starts 6-9 months prior. The results of the Luxembourg Cyber Security Challenge determines the team selection for the ECSC. Thereafter, workshops/tutoring sessions with experts from SMILE are organized to prepare the team for the ECSC. If you missed the qualification, there might be a small change that you can still participate, so feel free to contact us :)